Wallpaper: 4 Reasons Why You Should Be Using It

Show off your creative side with wallpaper…

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No matter who you are, what your design style or what your home is like, there is a wallpaper out there that is perfect for you — one that will capture all that you hope for in your home design. Wallpaper is durable and cost-effective, simple to apply and remove, easy to clean, and aesthetically pleasing. It’s obvious that wallpaper is the choice for those who want to create a distinctive design for their interior.

1. Shows your personality and style
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Wallpaper is such a highly effective way of personalizing design because there are so many different options. You can choose between colour or neutral, patterned or abstract, textured or flat, geometric or floral — theres a million ways to add your own individual impact to any space. Whether you want to use it to show off your creative side, keep up with the latest interior design trends for your living room, or set the mood for your bedroom, wallpapers add a timeless element of character and imagination to a space.

2. Act as a feature

A feature wall is one of the easiest and most impactful ways to make a statement. Featuring wallpaper on a single wall adds character, charm and individuality. Feature walls also give you a chance to go big and bold with your paper choice so your wall really projects that art-like vibe.

3. Wallpaper works in awkward spaces
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Wallpaper can be a great way of making a tiny, odd-shaped or unconventional room into a stunning space. Do you have a closet, a powder room or a nook that needs a little love? Sometimes it makes the biggest impact in small or unusual spaces.

4. Low maintenance
Bria Hammel Interiors

Contemporary wallpapers are much more durable and low maintenance than most of us realize. The external side of most residential wallpapers are made of vinyl, so they are extremely durable and easily washable, unlike papers of times past. This means they’re less likely to scratch, tear or stain.

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