Top 3 Decor Trends This Summer

These summer trends are huge…


Interior design is constantly evolving and it’s hard to keep up with all of the new trends. This summer we have been bold and brave with mixing up patterns, introducing colour, and even mixing in black decor with our light colour schemes. Continue reading to find out what the summer 18 trends are and how you can get on board.

1. California Bohemian
Style Me Pretty

If you want to give your room a global modern twist, California Bohemian decor is for you. Plush pillows with bold colours and patterns are mismatched and placed on benches, sectionals, and even floors! Woven baskets are being used as plant pots inside homes to add texture and life, stripe fringe throw blankets lay on top of dining room chairs to add warmth. This may just be the most important trend of the summer. Check out your Instagram feeds if you don’t believe us!

2. Black Wire

Design blogs and new interiors are introducing black wire decor and furniture as one of the boldest decor trends this summer. Those who dared to try the trend first via Instagram advised their followers that introducing a dark colour into a summer palette isn’t something we should shy away from. Instead, they invited their readers to try out the trend by pairing the dark statement pieces with white textiles and greenery to level it out. Choose from matte black bases on chairs and tables, wire baskets, or black wire wall art to join in on this popular trend.

3. Statement Rugs
Emily Henderson

There’s one thing we have noticed this summer and it’s that people aren’t afraid to mix strong patterns and colours into their spaces. Interior design has seen the dark wood interiors, playing-safe neutral spaces, and only white and crisp furniture, but now playing with splashes of colours is in…and it’s huge! You’ll find rugs in fierce blues and faux marble prints adding life into family rooms and artwork with every colour of the rainbow. Colour is an easy and fun way to bring your personality into a home.

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