The 6 Best Ways to Utilize the Space Under Your Stairs

Have you ever caught yourself complaining over how your house doesn’t have enough storage space? When thinking creatively, did you know that you have some very valuable space that is probably not being used right underneath your feet (literally). Why not utilize the space under your stairs?

In today’s post, we have rounded up six amazing and clever ideas of how to take advantage of the space under your stairs to create more storage in your home. Take a look at these creative collections for more inspiration and put your favourite one into practice and you will be surprised by how helpful they are.

1. Small bathroom

You can create a small bathroom under the stairs. Use space-saving fixtures, like a wall-mounted sink and toilet, and you’ll be able to fit everything in the limited space you have available. Make sure you place sufficient lighting to make the space brighter and don’t forget to add a contemporary mirror.

2. Home Office

If you want to have a home office, but your attic is not really suitable for the purpose, and you can’t spare a room for your home office, why not use the space under the stairs? You can easily squeeze a desk in there. Place some shelves above the desk and if you still have some space left – add an office cabinet.

3. Cozy Nook

Another great idea for the space under the stairs is to create a cozy nook. This will be the ideal private and comfortable reading spot. Alternatively, you can place a soft couch and a contemporary coffee table to create a seating area. Decorate with some wall paintings and a fluffy rug to accentuate the area.

4. Pet House

Instead of having your pets bed taking up space in your living room, you can create their own personal space under the stairs! If you are feeling extra creative, you can browse the web for some awesome ideas for pet houses. You can find some real architectural masterpieces.

5. Shoe Storage

These pull out drawers are great to place shoes that no longer fit with the others in your closet. To keep yourself even more organized, you can stick to placing seasonal shoes in the drawers like rain and winter boots. Putting seasonal items with the shoes is an option too! (umbrellas, winter sweaters, etc).

6. Open Shelf Storage

Maybe you’re looking to go the easy route by adding some simple open shelving. Books, vases, art, plants and personal pieces, are all great items to place on the shelves. Not only is this idea appealing to the eye, but you can always switch out the items if you get bored of them.







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