Selling: 5 Reasons Why Planning Ahead Is Good For You And Your Health

Preparing your home for the market ahead of time will save you…

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If you want to sell your house and achieve the optimal results, it helps to plan ahead as much as possible. Let’s take a look at five reasons why creating a longer timeline can benefit you.

1. Helps you stay organized 
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It’s easy to become unorganized when you don’t give yourself enough time to complete a long list of tasks. When preparing your house for the market, you’ll be dedicating lots of time to packing, cleaning, fixing, and scheduling. When you leave all of this to the last minute, it’s likely that you’ll be unsuccessful because you were unorganized. 

Start by creating a checklist of what needs to be done. Determine the areas of your home that contain things you know you want to give away. Set aside several hours per week to purge those items, and get them right out of the house – give away useful items to charity, take broken and unusable items to the dump, etc.

2. Less stressed
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Let’s face it, selling your house is stressful, and it’s even more stressful when you find yourself cramping time to get things done. We know that preparing your house for the market on a short timeline can be done; it just tends to be much more stressful and means late nights every night and working all weekend before getting back to “real work” on Monday morning. Give yourself the time and make a master list of repairs and start tackling them every week.

3. Stops you from spending unnecessary money
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When you’re ready to sell its because you devoted time, effort, and money. You planned in advance, recognized the long list of repairs and tasks needed to refresh the look of your home, and had it done within two months. If you don’t have much time, you’ll need more effort, so bringing in helpers will be required, which will most likely cost more money. 

4. Can’t hire at the last minute 
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It’s ideal to hire a home stager or an agent when putting your house up for sale and inquiring last minute won’t cut it. There’s a good chance that the next available date for your consultation will be placed a month away from when you called. Once your consultation is complete, the designer will need time to pick the furniture, schedule to have it dropped off and plan an entire day to style. 

Hiring a stager places your home ahead of the competition because it stands out from the crowd – inviting, organized, spacious, light – appealing to your buyers and brings an offer sooner rather than later. Which is really the point of all this work, isn’t it? Don’t miss the opportunity to really showcase your home at the open house. 

5. Saves you time 
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Having more time means that you don’t need to choose between spending time packing and fixing, or preparing that important presentation for work. You can really sort out all that stuff you don’t want to pack – and pay to move – only to stack it in the new garage or attic for sorting at a future time. Not only will you be wasting time during the preparation, you’ll be wasting time during the sale, and even after! Save yourself from burning the midnight oil by creating a longer timeline. 

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