Secrets of People Who Always Have Their House in Order

How to keep your house from falling into cluttered chaos…

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Do you ever walk into your friends house and wonder how they always have their house in order? What is their secret? Staying disciplined and being organized. By following a few of our simple tips, you will never feel overwhelmed the day before guests come over. Say goodbye to running around and making sure every corner is spotless.

1. Purge
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Purging your belongings is the very first step to ensuring your home is almost always magazine-ready. After all, less is absolutely more. Go through every last inch of your home and get rid of anything that doesn’t serve a purpose or spark joy in your life. Fill your home with what’s necessary. Not only will you have more space to move and breathe, but you’ll also have less stuff to clean and take care of, which is a wonderful bonus and makes the rest significantly easier.

2. Tidy as you go
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I cannot stress this tip enough. Tidying up as you go will be the most important task when keeping your house in order. Not only does it save you time, but it also saves you from feeling stressed. When your home is always ten minutes away from being guest-ready, life will be much easier. Start your day by making your bed and before you go to bed that evening, make sure that your living room blankets are folded and put in their baskets, that your mail is opened and recycled, and that dishes are cleaned and put away. Your end goal is to make sure that mostly everything goes back to where it belongs.

3. Do two big things each week
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Let’s be real. There is almost always something that needs to be done around the home. Similar to tidying as you go, stay on top of things by tackling two or at least one big chore each week. Whether that’s quickly vacuuming the entire house , scrubbing the bathroom, or washing the windows. Simply focus on one big task will feel significantly less overwhelming than needing to constantly set aside 6+ hours to scrub everything from top to bottom.

4. Invest in great products
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Investing in products that will do the job ten times faster than the cheaper version is worth it! Let’s say a Dyson for example, a serious upgrade from the $50 vacuum will change everything. Vacuuming will quickly stop becoming a chore, and will instead become the most exciting tackle. Find what chore makes you the most angry and check to see if there’s an upgrade that can make your life easier. It will make you, realize that your cleaning tools are imperative to ensure you stay on top of everything. You essentially want to make the cleaning process as easy as physically possible by investing in the best products you can afford. This way, you remove any frustration and headache, and ensure you’ll actually stay on top of it all.

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