Tired of clutter?  Can’t find your keys?  Nowhere to hang up a jacket?

Don’t have time to organize and make sure everything has a place?  Not sure how to organize your pantry and make use of it’s full potential?  Is it time to organize your home or office?

When everything has a place, the stress and anxiety is lifted.  Let us help you get organized.  Whether it is your office, basement, pantry or closet, we can find solutions to help better your quality of life.

How does it work?

We start off with an in-home consultation.  We look at your spaces, take photos that require the organization and then come up with a plan to get your life decluttered and stress free!  You can either do the work on your own, or hire us on to do the organization for you.

Organizing helps you save time and money and helps you get the most enjoyment out of your home!

Hourly rate:  $100.00/hour plus the cost for any storage solutions required
(applicable trade discounts on materials will be provided)