The Perfect Houseplant for Every Room of the House


Why should we care about where we place our houseplants? Think about it, your home is filled with rooms that boast very different levels of humidity (hello, bathrooms) and sunlight.

For example, how can you keep a “weeping fig” (Ficus benjamina) happy? Well, it likes to bask in direct sunlight and to drink lots of water. Keep it in a sunny spot in your bedroom, and you will remember to water it in the morning and last thing at night. It will repay you by removing toxins from the air and helping you get a good night’s sleep.

Your hallway might often get forgotten. It’s a good idea to put an easy-to-care-for plant there that will survive all that coming and going. For example, a jade plant (Crassula ovate) needs very little care and will be a sturdy companion over the years, and a symbol of good luck to all who enter.

Keep reading to see which nine great houseplants will work well in each room of your home.




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