Perfect Details For Your Next Event

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Lionsgate Design Inc.

Nothing ties an event together better than perfect details to give your guests a fabulous welcome. Fall is the perfect time for getting together and celebrating…well anything! The summer heat is fading and trees are starting to turn. It’s the season for warm get togethers and cozy hangouts by the fire.  Nothing is more exciting than a party!

Signature Cocktail

signature cocktail for your next event
Signature Cocktail presented by Novi Interiors

An event can feel that much more special by crafting a signature drink in your party’s colour to add depth and dimension to your festivities. Novi Interiors sponsored and created Lionsgate Design’s 10 year anniversary cocktail in our favourite turquoise blue. Served in a martini glass and garnished with fresh fruit and candy, your cocktail can be a sweet addition to your bar.


ottoman pouffs
Lionsgate Design Inc.

One of the first things we think about while decorating is seating. We like to stage for parties with small areas for a tête-à-tête between guests to add to the coziness. Make areas inviting and warm with puffy ottomans. Chairs with feather pillows add comfort and luxury to necessity. Having areas for relaxation as well as mingling is important during an event and make for a perfect detail.

Gift Bags

Party favours and gift bags
Lionsgate Design Inc.

Make them feel special

Life is busy! Gift bags are a great way to thank your guests for taking the time to come to your event. Gift bags are a wonderful touch to show your guests your appreciation. They also make your event look more polished. Coordinate gift bags with the party’s colours and display them on a table to really tie your whole theme together.

The Showpiece

A showpiece to pull an event together makes a perfect talking point. A unique cake flanked by serve-yourself candy is a great event piece. Or a welcoming bottle of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. We love choosing as many items in the party colours as possible. Which is why we chose a huge balloon archway for our latest event! Cohesive visuals truly make an event stunning and on-point.

decorative table cookies
Lionsgate Design Inc. Celebrates 10 years

Making your guests feel special is the most important detail for any event.  From when they walk in the front entrance, to what they take home with them and everything in between. We love adding little touches and making sure that every detail is taken care of.  It’s important that not only do they have fun, but that you do too!

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