Navy is Roaring in the Twenties!

Blue Bombshell
kitchen painted with sherwin williams naval b.ue
Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams’ Paints have chosen their colour of the year as Naval SW 6244. This sumptuous, elegant and timeless colour speaks of a bygone era of excess and drama. Indulge in your wildest whimsies and read on to find magical ways to incorporate glitzy glamour into your home.

Art-sy Deco

With its decadence and luxury, the twenties were a time of glamour, changing societal roles and artistic expression. Deep blues and shiny golds were its essence. Deco has fascinated the design world for a hundred years. Highly skilled craftsmanship coupled with refined design, deco incorporates each into every style and piece.

deep blue sea rug

Roll out the blue carpet! We love the movement of navy rain cascading into different blues. This versatile and harmonious piece simultaneously transmits the strength of the sea and the softness of the blue color. This rug really embodies the essence of the Baltic Sea which inspired it. The Baltic Sea, located in Scandinavia, has brackish salt water and a million different shades of blue that compose it.  You can bring nature and fierceness to your home décor with this sumptuous rug.

Laura Roebuck for One King’s Lane

Mix the ordinary with the fantastical by using imaginative pieces of art. Nature inspired moon prints embrace the magical idealizing of nature in art deco. As the moon waxes and wanes and reflects the passing of time, we  like to choose timeless pieces in our designs.

marble slab with blue veining
Ciot Cipollino Bluette

Millions of years old, marble is one of the most historic and elegant natural stones that have covered stately buildings since ancient times. You can  appreciate marble’s natural colouring and unique veining. You can use Marble in different areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, main entrances and much more. We love the classy elegance of striated marble and know you will too.

The Naval Arts
blue avant garde chair
Jean-Louis Deniot for South Hill Home

We love the sophisticated, architectural and tailored designs created by Jean-Louis Denio. His designs are based on classic French décors as seen through today’s eyes. Corresponding to current desires and needs, they all the while remain timeless.  This collection by Jean-Louis Deniot was designed to be purely decorative and blend into the established line of French Decorative Arts. You can add a touch of the understated dramatic with this piece.

blue and turquoise eggs
Global Views

These pieces are inspired by the sacred geometry of nature. It brings forth an image of the interest and elegance of the art deco era with keen interest in clean lines and also organic shapes. Becasuse the graceful egg shape is found throughout the natural world, it’s a wonderful shape to bring into your home. The celestial color, a rich dark teal and greenish navy tone, is achieved with a multi dimensional reactive glaze.  We love using unique pieces like these in our decorating.

Blue is the coolest colour
navy and silver and cutrain rod
Lionsgate Design Inc.

We love using navy and blue in our designs at the studio. Blue can make a room look alltogether warm and inviting while adding the touch of class and sophistication we aim for in design. You can also ground a space with navy and add depth and focus to a bright and airy room.

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