Marvelous Metals for Your Home

All that glitters

Gold, brass, silver and chrome are not going anywhere, any time soon. You can add a pop of brightness or a hint of gleam to your rooms just by mixing in metals.  The best part is, they never go out of style.

metals chrome dining chair

Metals don’t have to be an overstatement. Keep this in mind with a subtle metallic glint of black and brass on white. You can easily combine this with the elegance of smooth leather with the warmth of a rich velvet rug. Mix in a pop of shiny metal and you will find yourself creating a triumph of contrasts.

Brushed Brass
metallic chair

Metals don’t have to match everything else in your home in order to fit in. Adding just one piece with a stripe of brushed brass can help tie together a space like you’ve never imagined. Reminiscent of the gleam on the moon on a far away lake, brass hues work perfectly with greys and smokes. Bring together the greys in your home with a piece like Uttermosts’ Yvette chair.

Mixed Metals
metal and paint

Imagine the sun setting on the water, glittering gold glinting off the rocks and fronds with dragonflies playing close to the murky depths. Golds, coppers and bronze pair so well together, you would think a painter chose them in their palette for a masterpiece.

Hand painted on a metal sheet, this contemporary artwork features shades of silver and gold leaf, dark brown, and green. Each piece is placed under glass in a black shadow box style frame against a beige background.

Glitz and Glamour
metal chrome chair

Bring retro glamour into your home easily with polished brass from DelightFull . Brass isn’t used as the traditional lamps anymore of your grandmother’s yesteryear. This metal has been making waves in design for years with its versatility and unique way of bringing old glamour to a new space.

Satiny Silver
Lionsgate Design Inc.

The satiny lightness of silver and chrome is perfect when you want to bring in an airy ambiance. Neutral and pairing well with everything, silver adds that needed je ne sais quois to a classic room. Clean lines and complimenting silver grommet detailing adds that final finesse to your room.

Marvelous Metals

Wether it’s mixing metals or even adding just one single piece with a pop of it, metals are so diverse. It’s simple and gorgeous to bring different elements of your home together using metals. Be it either a supporting detail in artwork or a fixture, to a full scale matching set of chairs, metals never go out of style.

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