IDS 2020 Toronto

IDS loop phone booth

The Toronto Interior Design Show is a yearly staple in the design community. Let us share with you some of the inspiring and creative design trends we saw at Toronto’s IDS 2020 show.

“We are celebrating and promoting design in Canada and across the world. IDS presents the best in design and thought leadership from emerging local designers to international legacy brands. Over the last two decades, design has shifted from the aesthetics of style to a powerful tool for change. This year, IDS looks back at its history and ahead to its future. Hindsight may be 20/20, but at IDS, foresight is our focus.”

Design Dreaming


Dreamy clouds and plush feathers were on full display at Caesarstone’s otherworldly booth at the IDS show. White marble clouds were juxtaposed with acrylic sculptures and you could even see a floating head. Lights, marble and metallics made the design solid yet airy at the same time. Consequently, this created an imaginative and almost Dali-esque dreamscape. We love seeing how far creativity can be pushed in design.


Roche Bobois

Boba funiture is everywhere! Roche Bobois are the creative minds behind wildly popular Mahjong stackable funiture. They were back in full force this year with cute and comfy stylings. Most noteworthy were their pivoting armchairs with honeycomb woven wool and puffed ottomans.

IDS Show meditate
Sheridan Nurseries

With a place after our own hearts, Sheridan Nurseries created a mindful meditation space in the centre of the show. A simple meditation room or corner is going to be a mainstay in design this coming year.  As we incorporate natural elements of stone, wood, we create a gentle calming ambiance. We will therefore see the design of spaces becoming more like spas and sanctuaries. Transitioning into a new decade, we are focusing now more than ever on our personal wellbeing and also longevity well into the future.

Benjamin Moore
ids show benjamin moore
Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore’s colour trend of the year, First Light, was on display at IDS 2020 with other perfectly muted tones. It’s wonderful to see how simply you can create atmosphere by just using paint. Colour is not just relegated to walls or wood. For example think furniture, plant pots, and anything else you can imagine. 

Acoustic Aesthetics

IDS ezobord

EzoBord had an installment which was a beautiful example of acoustic design. We see even more aesthetically pleasing uses of sound board now more than ever. The lamps offer an additional soundproofing as well. Acoustic panelling has come a long way. Not only is it functional but can be pretty too. 

Kicking off this years’ design show was such a blast. Creativity, finesse and imagination were at the forefront in this years IDS 2020 show. Since seeing the displays and hearing the speakers, we have been newly refreshed for 2020. Above all, we can’t wait to bring you all things interiors for this new decade.

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