Home Projects to Start Now

We are now spending a lot more time at home than we usually do on any given day. Many home projects can start now. As spring is just around the corner, people usually use this time to refresh and redo much around the house. There are so many mini projects and fun ways to rejuvenate your space. We are going through the archives and bringing you the six best posts of how to make your space fresh and fun, without having to go anywhere. 

1) How about looking into five easy ways to redecorate your living room?

Use this time to let go of worn out items like your broken in easy chair or that scuffed up coffee table that’s on its last leg. With only the essential pieces left, you can start fresh and build on your design from the ground up.


2) Three ways to decorate around a television

Are you finding yourself staring at the screen more than usual? We’ve got three clever ways to decorate around your tv. You can watch re-runs of old favourites, while looking at something new.

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3)  Secrets of people who always have their house in order

Now is the perfect time to declutter and tidy. We become so accustomed to the way things look, that even just tidying up and making space can make a huge difference. We’ve got the secrets to success for keeping your home in order.


4) Small Home Office Spaces

Now more than ever we can appreciate the need for a functioning home office. As more of us are taking the lead of working from home, check out these fifteen realistic ways to create your own home office.


5) Nine Apartment Decorating Must Haves

There are so many ways to decorate your space, even if you don’t have a ton of square footage to work with. Some great ideas include multi function furniture, a brick accent wall and of course, lots of plants.


6) Eight Simple Ways to Get Your Home Ready For Spring

Spring has finally sprung, with the official first day of spring on March 19th. You don’t have to go crazy, online shopping for everything new, just to get ready for spring. We suggest rearranging some furniture, adding a pop of colour to your space and simply taking the time to deep clean.

Wishing everyone a happy spring! We hope that you’re able to take this time and turn it into something positive. This is the perfect opportunity to start home projects and redefining your indoor space into one that perfectly reflects you and the way that you live. 

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