Fall Into this Autumn’s Housing Market

Bushels of Fun
fresh backyard
Lionsgate Design

Apples aren’t the only thing on the market that’s ripe for the picking this fall. This autumn housing market is just beginning to ramp up for prospective home buyers and savvy sellers. We’ve got the perfect ways to spruce up your home for a quick sale and to get the highest return on your investment.

Staging to Sell
Livingroom before stagingafter photo of home staging

One of the most common questions I get from my clients is “Is staging really worth it”? I always tell them, “Consider this, prospective buyers cast a critical eye on every element of your home. You want to showcase your home to it’s fullest potential and have it ready to move-in!” Buyers are looking at dozens of homes on the market at any given time. Therefore, when they leave, they’ve got a mental list of pros and cons that your property has left them with. The biggest goal is to remind buyers that your house is truly ready to be their home. Staging can be a huge return on investment, and one of the most important elements to budget for when you are selling your home.

Reinvigorating by Renovating
renovated kitchen for market
Lionsgate Design Inc. – Kitchen after Reno

When getting your home ready for the market, you truly have to do some critical thinking. Renovations are a great way to get the maximum return on your investment. Are you willing to give your home a face lift? To really leave an impression with potential buyers, the kitchen is the place to be. The kitchen is the one room of the house where every family member will spend at least part of their day. Turning a dated, drab kitchen into a dream space where homeowners can feel inspired is truly the icing on the cake. It’s worth the investment!

Creative Curbside
curbside appeal with planters and updated painting
Spray-Net front and garage door update

Image is everything! You will want to make your house look its best – outside and in because it’s the first thing that gets seen. One thing to keep in mind while getting your home ready for the autumn market is curb appeal. Paint the garage, front door and mailbox, invest in seasonal planters flanking the entrance, water and cut the grass, pull weeds and add mulch to your garden bed. These simple and inexpensive details can really allow your house to shine its brightest!

Be a Savvy Seller
home staging for sale
Lionsgate Design Inc.

The autumn market is just starting to get underway, therefore it’s important to ready your home for the biggest return on your investment. Planning and execution of just a few changes to your home can make a huge difference in readying it for market. Your goal is to leave the homebuyers with an impact they can’t stop thinking about. Your home is exactly what they’re looking for, they just need a little help to see it!

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