Eco-Friendly Choices For Your Home

It’s all about sustainability
eco friendly vertical garden
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Eco-friendly may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you’re thinking of home décor or renovations. As we forge into a new decade, we as interior specialists are now more than ever integrating green solutions into our designs. We are always looking for solutions to make homes beautiful, functional and sustainable. From start to finish, incorporating green design is not only possible but it makes sense. Have you heard of all the uses for bamboo and how you can use it in your home? Are you looking for a way to incorporate green living into your condo? Are rain chains on your wishlist? Let’s help make a beautiful, more sustainable future starting at home!

Living Walls
eco friendly green living wall in livingroom
Living Wall Concepts

Not everyone has the opportunity to grow their own plants. So much of our population in the big cites live in condos, and space is a hot commodity. Living walls are one of our favourite ways to add green design to your home.  According to studies, the average plant can also remove formaldehyde, benzene, and a host of other toxins that plague typical indoor air. An eco-friendly addition to your home, living walls emit oxygen, purify your home by recycling the cO2 and look gorgeous while being functional.

Eco Paint

With more thought going into what makes a house a home from top to bottom, non toxic paint is an easy way to feel green. Benjamin Moore’s Natura paint is Certified allergy and asthma friendly, has zero toxic emissions, and zero VOC. Easily cleaned with soap and water, this acrylic/latex based paint is even safe for baby nurseries. Self-priming on most surfaces makes Natura an easy choice for your next paint project.

Rain Chain
rain chain with copper basin for collecting water
Rain Chains in a Nutshell

Hugely popular in Japan, rain chains are a unique decorative alternative to downspouts from eavestroughs. Whimsical and functional, they help the flow of rain complete its cycle back to earth. Traditional downspouts can drive the rain away from its natural path back to the water table. Many homes have runoff going down their driveways, into the sewers and back to water processing, creating more resources needed.  Rain chains can actually let the rain return back to its natural path, and flow into a catch basin for you to water your plants and flowers when it’s not raining. Easily installed on your existing gutters, and completely safe during winter as well. The pure copper versions last a lifetime and do not rust. Not only are they eco-friendly, they are relaxing too. Try the cups version to create  relaxing tinkling music during a rain storm.

Bamboo Flooring

bamboo flooring from alexanians
Alexanians – Bamboo

Bamboo is a highly sought renewable resource, due in part to its ability to grow to maturity in five to seven years. As one of the more up-and-coming eco-friendly choices for flooring, bamboo has been used in household furnishings for a while. From cutting boards to serving spoons, the pros of bamboo are being seen as a friendlier option to cutting down old growth forests. However, it should be noted that bamboo is adhered together with a resin based adhesive and can release VOCs over time. Bamboo is also easy to maintain, clean and water resistant. Natural properly harvested bamboo can be as durable as red oak, and has a particular neutral esthetic which is easy to like.

LED Lighting
led eco friendly lighting
ELTE Toronto

LED lighting has been around since the sixties and has been continually improved over time. With around 75% less energy used than traditional incandescent lighting, LEDs are increasingly replacing traditional bulbs. But just because it’s good for the planet, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on design at home. Since the 2010’s, eco-friendly leds have been designed to emit warmer light, making them much better for home use in lamps, chandeliers and ambient lighting. Not only that, but with the rise of Smart Home services, LED lighting can be incorporated with the rest of your home’s system to create an energy efficient home while remaining pretty and functional. It’s easier than ever to be stylish and green!

It’s easy being green!

There are so many new products and innovations on older products which are continuously making it easier to become eco-friendly at home. The sky is the limit when it comes to incorporating green alternatives and new ideas for making our homes more efficient. We can’t wait to see what this new decade has in store!

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