Demystifying tile patterns

Demystifying tile patterns to start your journey.

Whether your personal style is clean and simple, or lavish and ornate, we have a perfect tile pattern to suit your needs. We know that the unique feel and movement each pattern offers can make or break the flow of a room. We’ve broken down a few of the most popular tile laying patterns and their effect in a space.

Century Ceramica

Straight or Stacked

Sometimes even the simplest of patterns can be a very effective way to showcase your room and its furnishings. This really allows each of your pieces to shine. With clean straight lines and a uniform tile, straight (or stack bond) pattern can free up visual movement from the space. It can then emphasize other key features in your room without taking away from overall ambience. It’s a sure way to add sophistication and depth to your rooms while keeping the integrity of the overall design.

Saint’ Agostino

Checkerboard or Diamond

Favoured by retro lovers and frequently showcased in kitchen and bathrooms. Checkerboard adds dimension and a certain style to any space. Getting that classic look is easy by alternating light and dark tile in checkerboard or diamond pattern. This tile pattern is so versatile in spacious rooms and is not just reserved for small spaces.
Saint’ Agostino


Dating back to the Roman empire, herringbone has been in use for tile laying for thousands of years, and for good reason! Using long rectangular pieces, the effect of this tile pattern is stunning wherever it is used. Whether used for flooring or kitchen backsplash, this tile pattern instantly adds class and sophistication. Movement is created in the space, and your eye instantly follows the direction of the pattern, almost like an arrow pointing to your destination.
Equipe Mallorca

Stretcher Bond

You’ll find this common tile pattern in everything from flooring to backsplashes and even feature walls. One of the most recognized and used tile pattern for its versatility and waste saving, as well as ease of planning. With a few simple measurements, excess tile waste can be avoided while maximizing materials used.

Did you know that rhe entire feel of a space can be altered by simply choosing the right tile pattern for the job.  Start at the beginning of your project with consideration for tiling patterns. As a result, this can set the tone for decorating and design to flow from there! Every home offers the opportunity to compose a cohesive design while incorporating unique tile patterns. It’s just a matter of choosing the right pattern for the job.

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