Decluttering & Organizing Your Home: 3 Tips for Every Room

Decluttering should be done bit by bit…

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January is usually the favoured month to organize all aspects of one’s life. It’s the month of setting new intentions, goals, and expectations. But before you can truly organize your life – you need to declutter! There’s a reason that we have heard “cluttered home equals cluttered mind” numerous times in the design community. It’s tough to feel at ease and organized when you’re surrounded by mess. Lionsgate Design understands how intimidating the process of decluttering can be, so we have tips on how to begin in each room of your home.

1. Kitchen
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  • Tackle the fridge first. We’re all guilty of packaging up leftovers and leaving it in the fridge for another meal. Chances are, the meal has been sitting there for a while. Take a good look at every product. What’s the expiry date? Is it empty? Did it begin to mould? Now it’s time to organize. You may want to place all of the beverages beside each other on the same shelf or have all of the vegetable colour coded. It truly depends on what level of organized you wish to obtain.
  • Pantry and cupboards. These areas of the kitchen tend to become sloppy over time. Start by removing everything from each cupboard and replace as desired. You may even decide to swap the “cup” section over to where the plates used to be.
  • Donate the unused. Cookbooks, gadgets, canned goods, small appliances, reusable grocery bags, etc. We can all be in denial as to what we need and what we don’t. If you haven’t used it in a couple of months and can’t see yourself using it for another few, put it in the giveaway pile!
2. Home Office
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  • Paperwork. Most of us have designated spots for those loose papers. Go through your filing cabinet and binders to make sure that each paper is where it belongs. If you come across anything that you no longer need, throw it out!
  • Laptops and computers. Delete and organize your emails into folders. Reduce future emails by unsubscribing as you receive unwanted emails. Go ahead and clean up your desktop – there’s bound to be a few images there that you no longer need.
  • Pens and pencils multiply like bunnies. Toss those that don’t work and donate any duplicates.
3. Bedroom
  • Clean out your closet. This is the biggest task in the bedroom. Go through your clothes and decide what you no longer need. Refold and organize if necessary.
  • Clean nightstand and dresser surfaces. Not only does dust collect quickly on these surfaces, but so does junk.
  • Go through your drawers and throw out what’s no longer needed.
4. Bathroom
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  • Take everything out of your cupboards, baskets, bags, anything that occupies a space in your bathroom. Throw away bottles of shampoo, soap, lotions or gels that have less than one use left.
  • As you remove all your items from your shelves and cupboards, organize them into little piles e.g. makeup, shampoo, first-aid etc. This will make it easier later on when you start to store your items.
  • Purge any products you haven’t used in the past 6 months
5. Living Areas
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  • Anything that doesn’t belong in your living space, get rid of it!
  • Donate books and magazines that you know you will never read
  • Re-organize the appliance and electronic drawers

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