Deconstructing the Coffee Table Vignette

  1. Trays are a MUST

One of the best design elements to use on a coffee table is a tray! They break up the surface and are great to corral decorative items, keeping them neat and organized. If you have a lot of square objects (i.e.,books) on your table then contrasting that with an oval or round tray will soften some of those edges and make your vignette look a little more balanced.

Here are some great looking trays that would look beautifully on almost any coffee table:


  1. Charlize Mirror  2. Lacquer  3. Carved Vine  4. Bamboo  5. Gilt and Marble  6. Mirrored



2. Books that we Love 

Stacking two or three books beside your tray is a perfect touch for your coffee table. In a space, books add personality, colour, and height. Make sure that the colour ties in with the decor in your room.


3. Something Personal 

Not all of your coffee table decor should be purchased from the store. What about the heart shaped rock that you found on the beach with your fiancé? Or the champagne corks you save from every celebration? You want your guests to be able to get a glimpse of your personality when they scan your coffee table. Use items from your travels, mementos from family and friends, items that have been in the family for generations. Don’t be afraid to pull out those valuable pieces that you have tucked away.


Sheet music in a bottle


4. Quirky Touches 

Who doesn’t like a conversation piece to add to your coffee table vignette? Sparkly accents such as candles and gemstones are great to put on top of your books or trays. This adds a bit of texture and glam to the table! To make your coffee table a little more fun, you could place something quirky on there as well. Here’s a collage to inspire you.


5.  Metallic Items

Metallics such as gold, silver, and brass are some of the items that can quickly elevate your coffee table space. Metallics are known to give a space an industrial type of feel. Incorporate the metallics in your trays, candle holders, and even your books.


6. Height and Shape

Your coffee table should be pleasing to the eye and to help with this we focus on the balance in height and shape. If everything is the same height or shape, theres a chance that your vignette will look flat. Play around when it comes to your accent pieces to add both of these. A give in would be purchasing a candle or tall orchid.


7. From the Garden

Flowers always look pretty and can add some colour to a vignette but you can also add a plant to give the display a bit of texture and an organic element. There is also a softness in plants that helps warm a home by finishing off those angular edges. It doesn’t matter what colour scheme you have going on, plants will always work with it.


8. More Storage

Not a necessity but also something you should consider. Double coffee tables or any that provide more storage space are practically a dream to those tiny apartment owners. Check out these coffee tables that I found online if you’re on the hunt for more storage space.

  1. Kress Glass 2. Oria 3. Soho Wood 4. Modern 5. Caramel 6. Riki 7. Shura 8. Camille

Feel that we missed any coffee table requirements? Let us know in the comments.

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