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We all know the wear and tear of having a child can contribute to our homes.  Some people believe you can’t have nice things when it comes to having children. We think the opposite; it’s a great time to invest in durable pieces that will last. This is why we have done the hard work and planning for you. Read on for some tips on how to turn your home into the most child-friendly and prepared home possible.

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kid friendly pillow shams
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Ensure most things are washable. Having a child brings all sorts of new meaning to the words “dry clean only”. We know that cute throw pillow would look great on your sofa but make sure it has a removable cover. Also making sure fabrics are high performance and washable is so important to keeping your home clean with children.

kid friendly leather furniture

Easy to clean is key when having children. That’s why we suggest having durable furniture, fabrics and even window treatments. You never know where a child’s imagination will take them to next. Leather sofas and chairs are not only durable but easy to wipe clean with a cloth and spray cleaner. Having wooden tables instead of glass will also make clean up less of a headache.

lift top coffee table
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Having lots of storage is also important when little ones are running around. Keeping things tidy and out of the way is easy when you have places to put them. We recommend lift-top tables, storage ottomans and a mud room built-in for all the hats and mitts children seem to collect.

Less is more

Having children doesn’t mean you will have to sacrifice the nice things in life, but having less is definitely more. It is much easier to dust and tidy without having a large collection of knick knacks or bulky furniture to move out of the way. This then frees up more space for kids to play and really be themselves.

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