Chic Marble: 9 Ways to Add Marble Into Your Space

What’s more chic than marble…

Studio Mcgee

Everyone loves marble. The immediate luxe feel, the smooth surface, the subtle gloss—this metamorphic rock material looks spectacular as a backsplash in our kitchens, as our foyer flooring, and even as our bathroom wainscoting. If you’re lusting over the look of marble but aren’t in the market to purchase a slab anytime soon, not too worry, you can still incorporate the beautiful material into your space! Try out these nine scaled-down ways to add a hint of the material into your home.

1. Lighting
Homey Oh My

This faux lamp from Homey Oh My has a gold steam and acrylic detail to beautifully accent the white marble. Want the same one? All you’ll need is a lamp, a ruler, scissors, a pencil, and some marble contact paper! It goes without saying that this piece would look amazing on any nightstand.

2. Tray Display
A Cup of Chic

How gorgeous is this tray? The best part about it—it’s multifunctional! Place it in your bathroom for your toiletries, on top of a vanity for your beauty products, in the living room to display a candle, or in the kitchen as a serving tray.

3. Clock
Sugar and Cloth

This might just be the cutest DIY accessory that we have ever seen. Sugar and cloth does a great job at creating the perfect clock to showcase on your bookshelf. As you can tell, it’s specifically for “show” but you can also find functional clocks that are marble designed too!

4. Wrapping paper
Adventures In Fashion

What better way to give someone a present than having it wrapped in chic paper? Add a hint of greenery and you’re good to go. This stylish wrapping will also look amazing under your Christmas tree.

5. Coasters
Home Decorative Furniture

Coasters make the perfect compliment to any table setting. Keep them stacked on a coffee or side table ready to lay out for entertaining guests as they simultaneously create a beautiful little sculpture amidst your decorating. Marble coasters available at Lionsgate Design.

6. Plant Holders
My Dubio

Find marble vases to display succulents or flowers to add an impressive natural element to any room.

7. Diffuser
Stephanie Sterjovski

The sleek marble finish on this diffuser from Sage compliments it’s surrounding decor and it looks great anywhere you place it!

8. Candles

Whether you want the mood to be cosy, relaxed or romantic, this marble candle will help you set the scene.

9. Cases
Blog Lovin

Laptop and phone cases are one of the easiest ways to incorporate marble into your home and everyday life.

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