Business of Design

Business of Design is my kind of interior design continuing education!  In 1999, after nearly a decade running her own design business, Kimberley Seldon wanted to take her business to the next level—it was time to consistently satisfy clients and focus on growing profitability. She systematically rebuilt Kimberley Seldon Design Group to run as efficiently as a major corporation.   Using a 15-Step Process Management approach to client satisfaction,  Kimberley Seldon Design & Media has launched Dabble Magazine,  dramatically increased profits,  improved staff retention,  quadrupled client satisfaction and referral rates over the past 13 years.  Business of Design isn’t theory.  It’s a proven approach to client and job satisfaction that will work for design professionals at any stage of their career.  You just won’t learn this in design school.  Through the Business of Design annual conference,  Kimberley promotes the growth of the interior design industry by sharing her expertise with peers.  Here’s just some of what the Business of Design conference includes:

  • Being your own boss.
  • Overcoming objections and pushing through fears:  Money talk.
  • Profitability systems & 7 steps to increased profitability.
  • Build a value based/flat fee proposal.
  • Healthy work boundaries so you can meet/exceed your goals.
  • Spin offs from a solid brand – products, books, blogs,articles etc.

Join me at the Business of Design conference January 22-23, 2014.  It’s the best investment a designer or design professional can make in their business.  To learn more,  click on the Business of Design link or the Business of Design logo on my site.


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