Benjamin Moore: 14 Perfect Bathroom Paint Colours

Beautiful Benjamin Moore shades for all palettes and styles…

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Yesterday we posted the steps to choosing the perfect paint colour, and today we’re going to get more specific. It’s no secret that paint can transform a space. Whether you’re looking to refresh your small powder room or revamp your master bathroom, a fresh coat of Benjamin Moore paint can quickly take a room of any size from drab and dreary to open and bright or moody and sophisticated. But, as anyone who’s wandered down the paint aisle at their local hardware store can attest, choosing a paint colour is easier said than done.

Keep scrolling to find out why Lionsgate Design Inc. call these the “perfect bathroom paint colours.”

1. Decorators White
Benjamin Moore

This shade is the perfect warm white without the yellow undertones. To achieve contrast and pop – pair it with High Gloss Super White for doors and trims in the bathroom. This creates the perfect balance of neutral warmth with a touch of modern flair.

2. Pale Oak
Benjamin Moore

Pale Oak partners well with most marbles, enhancing the vein in the marble, but equally works to soften a dark tile. Be careful, it can go grey or beige depending on the light.

3. Stonington Grey
Benjamin Moore

I love bathroom stones that have clean whites and light greys in them. Pair them with a light gray paint colour like Stonington Grey to pull that colour onto the walls. Its a crisp way of keeping things neutral but tying it all together.

4. Soft Chamois
Benjamin Moore

Painting your space in soft chamois leaves the room feeling clean, classic, and timeless.  For powder rooms with no baths and showers, go all out with a great lacquered look or wallpaper for more drama.

5. Chantilly Lace
Benjamin Moore

I personally love clean white bathrooms, as it is good for the lighting, while creating a fresh feeling. Chantilly Lace is a beautiful white to use.

6. Tranquility
Benjamin Moore

It’s a soft blue green shade, with enough gray to give it some nice depth and keep it from going too pastel. It looks lovely when paired with a black accent tile.

7. Grey Cloud
Benjamin Moore

This colour goes beautifully with a light grey blue marble. Grey Cloud will keep the wall neutral while complimenting any shade of blue that you have in the space.

8. Hale Navy
Benjamin Moore

A dark bathroom balanced with white is a great way to go. Hale Navy works perfectly with marble or white cabinetry. White is such a crucial color to consider in a bathroom because it always feels fresh and clean. The darker navy tone also works perfectly with the warmer metal trends like brass and copper.

9. Grey Owl
Benjamin Moore

This grey is beyond perfect because it works with both warm and cool colour palettes. It’s a rich enough colour to be used as an accent wall, but is still neutral enough if you wanted to paint more than one wall. This colour also pairs really well with your most commonly used bathroom marbles.

10. Super White
Benjamin Moore

It’s a beautiful, cheery and clean, warm white that doesn’t lean yellow or blue or gray. It also isn’t blinding and works well with most lighting.

11. Ballet White
Benjamin Moore

Ballet White is warm and soft and it doesn’t steal the attention away from any of the tile design. It accomplishes a sophisticated and overall finished appearance for the bathroom.

12. White Dove
Benjamin Moore

We love the warmth and depth of White Dove for a bathroom. It’s a colour that doesn’t feel stark or cold, and the warmth works nicely with both natural stones, such as limestone and wood tones such as oak.

13. Simply White
Benjamin Moore

It’s clean and fresh but also has a subtle warm undertone. This paint colour can be used in traditional and contemporary spaces as it looks amazing in both.

14. Polaris Blue
Benjamin Moore

Polaris reminds us of a perfect French blue. It’s vibrant, with a subtle grey undertone that keeps it understated and relaxing—just what you want your bathroom to feel like.

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