What is the best way to market a property before you put it on sale? Are there secret methods that people use to decrease the waiting times and potentially increase the value of a property? It is natural to wonder how properties make the most of their online advertising/listings and how real estate agents make every property look attractive. At Lionsgate Design we have been providing a boutique service for luxury homes across Mississauga and Oakville using our experience in the property world.

House staging in Mississauga is one of our most popular services and is ideal for home and property owners who are looking for the best way to show off the features of their home. We will use our proven methods and experience to market your property through proper staging and photography to ensure that every element of your homes interior captures the audiences eye with that ‘wow factor”.

What does our house staging in Mississauga involve?

We will review your property’s interiors using our expertise in marketing and interior design. This will allow us to highlight the best areas and the finest Unique Selling Points (USPs) which we can then photograph using the latest equipment and lighting. We will bring in our furniture and colour accents to make the best use of each space so its ready for the online spotlight!

The result will be a fully-formulated portfolio of your property that will help enhance how it looks from every angle. Our house staging in Mississauga is proven to reduce property selling times and even increase home values.

To find out more about our work at Lionsgate Design, get in contact with us today.