For the past 10 years, Lionsgate Design has prided itself on overhauling rooms, taking a once dry and drab space, and in its place creating dream-fulfilling wondrous rooms. These rooms utilize furniture, space, colour and artworks to put a smile on the face of anyone who walks in them.

We will consult with you from beginning to end, making sure that you’re fully involved with the process. From your ideas, we’ll identify the ideal luxurious space that matches the themes and feeling that you desire. From flooring, to painting, to the presentation of certain furniture, everything will be tweaked and styled to result in the perfect room for you, something you’re truly comfortable with.

We’re ready to tackle any project, whether it’s residential or commercial in nature, a single room or an entire property. Our team of experts are more than ready to identify whatever it is you’re looking for, and make that image a reality. Whether you’re looking for renovations, organizing, decorating or anything of that nature, we at Lionsgate Design will go above and beyond.

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