9 Apartment Decorating Must-Haves

Decorating an apartment should be fun…

The New Design Project

It’s easy to feel that you’re limited in terms of design ideas when you’re working with an apartment space, but it doesn’t have to be that way. By simply adding the right accessories or knowing what to highlight, you can give your space an upgrade and improve its ambience while maximizing what you have. To inspire you to get started, here are ten tips when decorating your apartment. 

1. Lighten Up
The New Design Project

Light walls, light accessories, and light furniture all play an important part in brightening up your given space. Keeping your apartment light, clean, and crisp will give off the illusion of a larger area. 

2. No Clutter
West of Main Design

Condos are not known for their space, therefore, cluttering it up with your possessions will easily make the small home look even smaller. Keep the items that you need on display while hiding the rest. 

3. Pop of Accessories
Elli Walsh

To give your home some life — add pops of accessories to a solid interior. This can be done with accent pillows, candles, and flowers to freshen up the area. 

4. Multi-Functional Furniture
Andrea Moore / Studio Moore

Investing in a few furniture pieces that have multiple functions is your best bet when maximizing space. One that we highly recommend is an ottoman. It can be used as storage, extra seating, and a coffee table! Another great one is a couch that can turn into a bed for your guests or a shelving unit to separate an open room while placing your possessions on it.

5. Brick Accent Wall
The New Design Project

Bricks as an accent wall can give your space an edge while complimenting the look you have in mind. If your home lacks texture, a brick wall can give you just that. In this unit, the designers planned an accent wall that works well with the neutral colours of the walls and furniture.

6. Floating Shelves
The Orange Cube

The more open your space is, the bigger it will seem. Floating shelves are a brilliant solution for small rooms because they take up so little space and can be placed just about anywhere.

7. Clear Furniture
Lucy Harris Studio

Lucite tables or chairs and glass tops all give the impression of openness while still delivering the function you need. 

8. Mirrors
The New Design Project

The bigger the mirror, the more space it will appear to create. Placing a mirror opposite to a window will bring both natural light and greenery into a smaller room. 

9. Greenery
Kate Stokes / Coco Flip Design

Houseplants are great in any home as they can help with cleaner air to noise control. Besides that — they bring colour, interest, and can help a room look more polished. The most obvious benefit to having plants around your home is the visual impact. They can even help you cover up blemishes on your walls or unsightly cords running along your floors.


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