8 Ways to Decorate Your Home for Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year….

For those celebrating Christmas, it’s one of the most special times of year. It means quality time with family and friends, generosity, good will and many warm memories. This holiday season, we’ve identified 8 of our favourite Christmas decorating ideas.

1. Put up a Christmas tree

I’m sure you have this one covered as it’s the easiest and most obvious way to bring Christmas spirit into your home. There are five steps needed to achieve a gorgeous Christmas tree, and the great thing about these steps is that it can be personalized to fit your decor style! Add lights, filler, ribbon, ornaments and a tree skirt. I may use white lights but maybe you prefer coloured lights. Change up the ingredients in the steps to make the perfect tree for your home.

2. Hang up a Christmas wreath

Of course, a wreath is a “must element” that shouldn’t be missing from our homes. They are perfect on a front door or on a wall to add cheer to your space. You can either buy one of you can make it yourself.

3. Decorate every nook and cranny

Once you have the tree ready and the wreath hung up, the third project should be decorating the house. Fun holiday pillows, glass bowls of colourful ornaments and garland all add a festive touch. Remember, it’s always a “more the merrier” mentality with Christmas decor.

4. Surround yourself in Christmas scents

Nothing makes it feel more like the holidays than those smells! Place gingerbread candles, scented decor, seasonal flowers, and scented-oil warmers all around your house! A holiday potpourri that simmers on the stove all day is a great option too. The best part is, you can use whatever you hand on hand. The must-haves in my opinion are cinnamon, citrus, ginger, and vanilla.

5. Wrap those gifts early

Why spend all of that time on wrapping gifts to perfection if you aren’t going to show them off? Line your staircase with presents, or simply place them under the tree. To spice things up, ditch the usual ribbon and top your gift with a pretty piece of greenery. It’s an unexpected but beautifully rustic look.

6. Create holiday inspired vignettes

To really set the mood for Christmas, create some simple vignettes throughout your home. As seen below, placing a gingerbread house with themed trees around it, truly does create a holiday focal point in your kitchen.

7. Get your dining room holiday ready

Even if you aren’t throwing a huge Christmas party this year, you can still turn every meal you and your family have into a festive fest. For your dining room to instantly scream Christmas, add a centrepiece of candles and some greenery. Know that it doesn’t have to cost to be beautiful.

8. Decorate your porch

Let the holiday cheer spill out of your home! Even if the style of your door isn’t picture perfect like the one in these inspiration photos, a bit of greenery can do wonders to usher in the season.

Have any other Christmas decorating ideas? Comment below to let us know.






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