8 Simple Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

Transform your home for spring with these key tips…

We’re ready for the spring weather when you are, mother nature. Preparing for the spring season is all about incorporating the freshness of the outdoors into our interiors. Cleaning, replacing, decluttering and letting the sunshine peak through our homes all play an important role in this. Welcoming Spring into our homes doesn’t have to hurt your wallet and here at Lionsgate Design, we’re happy to share 8 easy tips on how to do so while keeping it simple and cost friendly.

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1. Embrace the outdoors

Are you prepping for the new season properly if you aren’t embracing the outdoors? Probably not. Incorporate bits of nature with big statement leaves in neutral coloured vases. Banana leaves, palms, and papyrus all work perfectly in a space. Regularly refresh with water, trim the bottom of the stems, and they’ll last months. Treat yourself by purchasing a fresh or artificial bouquet of tulips to sit on your entryway table.

2. Replace your pillows

Nothing feels better than cuddling up to your statement pillows during the long cold months of winter. Although these throw pillows pair well with the harsh weather, they don’t have the same function during spring or summer. Velvet, silk and even tweed give off a sense of heaviness. Swap these pillows with cotton or printed linen fabrics to match the lightness of the warmer seasons.

3. Add a burst of colour

The easiest way to add colour to your space without spending a lot of money is through accessories. To affordably brighten up your coffee table, we invite you to pull out your coloured vases, books, and even your personal objects. Don’t have any pieces tucked away for this purpose? Lionsgate Design has many accessories that will do the job. Call our studio to book an appointment to shop the items we currently have on the floor.

4. Bring in new scents

You can create a beautiful ambience in your home this spring by changing up the scents. Swap your sweet-smelling candles for citrusy and breezy laundry scents. There’s nothing like a fresh smell that welcome’s you when you walk through your front door.

5. Rearrange furniture

This is the ultimate no-cost decorating tip and I am definitely not new to this one. With spring bringing change of weather, it’s exciting to change our surroundings too. If your floorplan allows you, switch around the placements of your furniture in one of your rooms (or however many you desire).

6. Refresh your bedding

If you’ve been waiting to swap out your bedding, this is the time to do it. Opt for bedding with pops of subtle colour to brighten up your room.

7. Update your art collection

If you don’t want to change the layout of your living room but still want a sense of change, hang a new piece of art. Artwork has a great way of instantly rejuvenating a space especially when the colours match the season.

8. Clean, clean, and clean

Are you really prepping for the new season if you haven’t participated in spring cleaning? With cleaning comes decluttering, reorganizing, and throwing out anything that no longer serves you. Go through your shelves, closets, fridge and any other areas that may need some freshening up.

Looking to change up your space for the upcoming warm weather but need help? The team at Lionsgate Design would love to assist you. Call our studio now to get more information and schedule an appointment with a designer.

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