8 Chic Essentials for Every Vanity

A vanity area – whether it be a simple dresser top or a 100% dedicated makeup space complete with seating – should be more than just a place to apply makeup.  It should be a place to gain inspiration, say affirmations to start your day, and refresh and re-coup in between work and a night out. No matter what size or type of space you’re working with, as long as you have the vanity basics – a mirror and some makeup storage – all it takes is a few key pieces to decorate and transform it into a more personalized ‘beautifying’ space of your own.

1. Gorgeous mirror

The first key to setting up your vanity for success is picking the mirror. You’ll want something large enough to reflect ample light. Round mirrors are beautiful, but square works too.

2. Lots of light

Choosing an area that’s flooded by natural light is ideal for your vanity space. Although, the right light fixtures will work too. A strong, close light source directly at your face is highly recommended.

3. Comfy seating

Small stools and benches work well with vanities because they can easily slide under the desk when not in use. A backless seat will also promote good posture.

4. Fresh flowers and plants

Anything from a bouquet of fresh flowers to a few simple houseplants can lift your spirits  and add a pop of color to your vanity.

5. Scented candles

I adore lighting a candle while getting ready in the morning or before heading out in the evening. Nothing like a calming scent to create a lovely ambience.

6. Jewellery trays and dishes

Save the full-sized jewellery box for your dresser or closet, and instead opt for a small jewellery dish or tree. Those will hold the pieces you wear most frequently, so you can quickly grab them and go.

7. Fragrance

Even if you’re not big into perfume, fragrances are also nice decorative accessories for your vanity top. Whether it be a few of your favourite full-sized bottles or a variety of little samples, you can’t go wrong.

8. Things that make you smile

Be sure that your vanity has a few pieces that help inspire and ground you. It could be pictures of your loved ones, or just trinkets you adore.


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