6 Storage Solutions for Limited Closet Space

Limited closet space doesn’t have to be your enemy…

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Closets come in all shapes and sizes, and often, with not enough storage space. In fact, lots of bedrooms don’t have closets whatsoever. Whether you are lacking closets altogether or just have a serious amount of overflow, here are some storage solutions for keeping your wardrobe organized.

1. Floating Shelves

There are few things in this world a floating shelf can’t fix, and your tiny closet is no exception. They’re inexpensive, chic, and easy to install, so employ a couple of floating shelves on the wall inside your closet to score some open storage room in no time.

2. Small Bookcases
If you thought bookcases were only good for corralling books, then think again. They are awesome for forging extra storage space at the bottom of your closet—and will keep everything from shoes to purses, and sweaters organized and in plain sight.

3. Drawer Units
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Why bring a big bulky dresser into a cramped bedroom when you can easily squeeze a drawer unit into your closet? Small drawer units are ultra lightweight and affordable, and perfect for organizing your socks, tees, and undies.

4. Wardrobe or Armoire

If an open closet isn’t your style, consider a wardrobe or armoire. They are great for hanging items as well as folded tops and pants. The best part? Any clutter is hidden from view.

5. Hanging Clothing Racks
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Hanging racks are the ultimate space saver. Because they hang from the ceiling without a base, it frees up lots of floor space. And if you separate long and short clothing, you can even fit a chest of drawers or shoe rack underneath!

6. Freestanding Racks
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Although this option may be a bit more clunky, they can be easily moved around a room as you rearrange furniture—so versatile! Plus, they often have built-in bases that are great for shoes, purses, etc.

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