Patterns: 6 Reasons To Use Them In Your Home

 Patterns set the mood for your spaces…

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Patterns are an important decorating tool, and whether you prefer quiet or bold patterns, every room should include a few. Pattern and colour can have a dramatic impact on how we view our homes. They’re both instantaneous and loud, which is probably why some of us steer clear and opt for safer. Today’s post will help you at least consider using some pattern in your homes as it really can make a room sing, adding character and interest to it. Whether it be in the form of paintings, tapestries, woven rugs, tiles or textiles, pattern has been a natural way of decorating our homes for centuries.

1. Personality
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One of the more obvious reasons to use a pattern is that you can use them to express your personality. The colours, the type of pattern, and the application of the pattern all say something different about you, your family, and your home. We’re big believers that your home should represent who you are, so we encourage you to find a print that speaks to you and have fun with it!

2. Draws Attention

We’ve talked before about how important focal points are — every room should have at least one — and a pattern is a great way to create a focal point in a room. In every bedroom, the bed should really be the first thing to draw you in. Headboards are a great example of where to incorporate some captivating pattern.

3. Symbolic
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As with colour, pattern can have symbolic as well as mood enhancing effects. A heart shape motif symbolizes love, and pineapples are symbolic of fertility.  Pattern choices are personal, and with some, there will be a connection between the pattern itself and how it makes us feel.

4. Perks Up Neutrals
Bria Hammel Interiors

Neutrals are an important element in a room. After all, not every item in your space can be a pattern. But together, patterns help perk up neutral elements, working together to create a balanced space. In the bathroom above, the patterned tiles in the shower and the flooring in the entire space creates a healthy balance.

5. Anchors a Room
Bria Hammel Interiors

Every room needs at least one big piece that anchors the space. In most cases, a rug or one big piece of furniture (like a sectional or media unit) do this beautifully. It’s got a bold presence and it’s the jumping off point for everything else in the space. Here, the patterned rug helps bring some weight to the floor, while allowing the living space to stay light and neutral. Patterned drapes are another great way to do this!

6. Transport You

Use fabrics to transport you to another place, like your favorite vacation spot. A great floral or palm print, like used in this poolside space, can have a strong personality that speak volumes on its own.

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