6 Bar Cart Ideas: How to Style the Perfect Bar Cart

The perfect bar cart for year-round entertaining..

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A bar cart can turn an empty living room corner into the life of the party. Although, a stylish one requires a little more attention than setting a cart against the wall and loading it up with bottles. A bar cart lets you put your style on display and showcase your favourite spirits and glassware. Lucky for you, Lionsgate Design has put together six ideas for styling the perfect bar cart.

1. A Tray
Natalie Franke

If you want any vignette to look pulled together – especially when you are corralling items together, stick a tray under it and suddenly it looks styled. If it’s square, choose a round one to add some extra curves. If it’s a circular one, consider a square or rectangular one – contrasts in shapes are always a great way to add some interest.

2. Pretty Bottles
Kelley Nan

Your collection of liquor should be tailored to your personal taste, and it’s a bonus if the bottles are appealing to the eye. There are so many gorgeously design bottles out there.

3. Gorgeous Glassware
The Southern Gloss

Glassware is important to have on hand and it can really tie the entire look together. Certain glassware is sometimes used for specific drinks, but having a small stock of glassware will be fine.

4. Cocktail Shaker
Gold Cart

What’s a bar cart without a cocktail shaker? You can get beautiful wood ones, shiny silver ones, pink ones  – find one that speaks to your style and display it with pride.

5. A Piece of Art

A bit of art will add some personality to your bar cart as well as some visual height.

6. Something Living
This Is Glamorous

Every vignette should include something living. A lovely plant, a bouquet of flower, or even a small bowl of fruit will add a bit of life to your bar cart.

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