5 Ways to Transform a Room from Good to Great

Take any room from good to great…

Have you ever looked at a room in your home and thought “it needs a little something else” — but not been able to put your finger on what? If so, then this post is for you. In the same way that the right accessories make any outfit better, these five things will take any room in your home from good to great.

Note: All pictures used are from Lionsgate Design’s portfolio. For more pictures on the project featured, please click here

1. The right rug

Adding the right rug to your space can tie an entire look together. When choosing a rug, pay attention to the texture and colour scheme that it has to offer. If your room is full of neutral tones, a rug with a pop of colour may be best. If your room is full of smooth, shiny surfaces, consider a rug with a little bit of texture to balance it out.

2. Plants

Every room can benefit from a little something organic. Plants in our homes add freshness and comfort to our surroundings. Check out our previous post on “The Perfect Houseplant for Every Room of the House” for guidance.

3. Art

No room is ever complete without art. When picking the right piece for your space, make sure to scale it to the existing furniture. If your art pieces look a bit lost on the wall, or they seem dwarfed by the furniture, it’s possible that this is because they are too small.

4. Great Lighting

Lighting can create an entire atmosphere for a room and affect human mood and emotion. Having the proper lighting in your space is one of the most important aspects of home design. Even a house with lots of windows cannot guarantee sunny weather. With properly arranged artificial lighting, your rooms can shine brightly.

5. Textiles


Textiles are what makes a room seem comfy and inviting. Curtains, blankets, throw pillows – these are the fillers for a space that take a room from good to great.

Looking to take your room from good to great but need help? The team at Lionsgate Design would love to assist you. Call our studio now to get more information and schedule an appointment with a designer.

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