5 Ways to Mix and Match Your Bedding

There’s no place like the bedroom…

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The bedroom is our favourite space in the home. It’s your sanctuary and solace, where you can fully relax, and where you can express your personality using decor. Making a bed is easily the most exciting styling process – it’s what transforms the look of a bedroom! You get to decide on the perfect mattress, luxurious shams, softest sheets, pillows, blankets, and more to dress your bed for a perfect nights sleep. Want to know how to design the focal point of your bedroom and create the bed of your dreams? Here are the five most popular ways to mix and match your bedding.

1. Classic and crisp
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The essentials for simple living. You can never go wrong with simple, classic, clean and crisp all-white bedding. A simple, puffy white duvet cover and matching shams is all it takes to create a bed to come home to, where you can relax and unwind. Regardless of your colour scheme in the room, white bedding compliments every bedroom style to make a timeless look every time. If you’re looking for the one versatile item that will grow with you through the years, then this is the look for you! All-white bedding doesn’t have to be boring, but with a combination of clean lines, romantic ruffles and elegant embroidery, this bedding will always keep your space feeling fresh and inviting.

2. Patterned and pretty
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The bed that reflects your personality and style. Whether you prefer a subtle or bold sanctuary make your bedding design a little more eye-catching by selecting a pattern as its focal point. To mix patterns like a pro there are definitely some key points to keep in mind: scale, colour, and balance. When selecting your patterns remember to include a mix of scales with small stripes to create drama without making the patterns fight for the spotlight. We suggest starting with basics and then mixing and matching patterns. After selecting your spotlight patterns, ensure that the colours create cohesion by choosing patterns in complimentary colours. Be inventive and blend the colour schemes. Last, layer your basics and patterns to create a harmonious bedroom!

3. Layer in luxury
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Mix materials to match the season. Layers don’t only complete the look, but also play an important role in bringing you warmth and comfort. But between all the different thread counts to bedding materials, it can be hard to decide what material will work best. For the cold and chilly winter nights start with layering sateen or percale sheets. Add percale, sateen or flannel duvets and coverlets to provide you extra warmth in the night. Toss a wool or fur throw blanket on the foot of the bed for extra comfort. Fall and Spring is known as the ever-changing temperature when it’s warm one day and chilly the next! Be prepared for this climate by layering you bed to keep you warm and cool.

4. Soft neutrals
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Colour for the ever-changing seasons. Say goodbye to buying a bed in bag, and say hello to mixing is the new matching! Missing some colour in your bedding design, but still want to keep it minimal and relaxing for an airy feeling?  These anything-but-basic shades will add some colour to your bedding without overpowering the room. The best part? You can easily swap out the colours seasonally to give your bedroom a fresh new look with every changing season.

5. Pop of colour
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Fun and flirty.  When you consider how to decorate your bedroom, it makes sense to arrange your bed to reflect your personal style. Adding a pop of colour is the best way to do so because lets face it, sometimes the neutral approach doesn’t cut it.  One great way to do this is to use decorative pillows. Decorative pillows come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colours, so you can add a pop of colour and touches of contrast and texture to your bed. This makes a big style statement while also creating additional comfort.


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