5 Warm and Cozy Decorating Tips

Beat the chill with these warm decorating ideas…

Doris Leslie Blau

Winter has been knocking on our doors lately with the arrival of heavy snowfalls. Most of us have been shying away from leaving our homes as the cold is too much to bare! You have most likely already hidden all of your warmer weather decor items and clothing but are you still lacking on dressing your house for the colder weather? You’ll be spending more time indoors now, so this is the perfect time to add in some cozy, warm details that will keep your home inviting through the harsh winter.

1. Pull Out The Throws
Wesley Pacheco

Winter is the time to pamper yourself with soft, cozy and comfortable textiles and textures. Add fabric and decor that incorporates wool, sheepskin, faux fur or even velvet. If you’ve saved up to buy a seasonal treat, bring home a lovely cashmere throw. Resist the urge to confine these snug goods to the bedroom alone. Stuff your couch with additional throw pillows and make sure that your home exudes visual warmth as well.

2. Cover Your Floors

This is especially true if you have lots of hardwood or tile in your home. These hard flooring surfaces can be a shock to bare feet, and in some cases can actually make a room feel colder. Winter is a great time to think about adding some area rugs and runners to your hard floor surfaces. Rugs and carpet are an easy way to warm up a room and to keep your feet warm on those chilly winter nights. Rugs are also a great way to tie together décor features so finding the perfect rug is essential for making your room look great.

3. Warm Bedroom Updates
Bria Hammel

This one probably goes without saying, but there are plenty of ways to make your bedroom look warm and fuzzy without going overboard. While several different layers of bedding (including quilt covers and comforters) often work for the bed, make sure the rest of the room also gets a decorating winter makeover. Add some interesting lighting and fill the empty corner with a stylish new accent chair.

4. Double Check Windows & Doors

This important tip transcends the realm of decor–it’s simply one of those basics you should never forget. If you live in a region where you are already starting to feel a chill in the air, then NOW is the time to check all those windows and doors for any leaks. Insulate in every possible manner and add some window drapes and blinds to reduce the loss of heat. Not only will your efforts allow you to enjoy a warmer winter, they will reduce your energy bill big time!

5. Fireplace
Maison de Pax

If you have a fireplace…take advantage during the winter! The fireplace is an addition that is obviously an absolute must! Nothing brings warmth home like the fireplace, and its glow fills the room with a radiance that makes winters all the more special. A decorating tip next to the fireplace is to add a basket full of warm blankets.

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