5 Tips and Tricks When Decorating for Winter

Winter is all about reintroducing the heavy throws…

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The return of winter is quite exciting, pulling out your cold-climate pieces like boots, scarves and heavy coats and layering to the point of not being able to move. Now it’s time to transition from fall to winter decor! Incorporate winter decor as temperatures outside drop to bring some warmth back into your home. Use our winter decorating tips and tricks to learn the best ways to cozy up during the holiday season.

1. Colours
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With the arrival of winter, the softer palette of summer is replaced by more moody hues and rich saturated colours such as grey, blue and charcoal. Or, if you prefer a richer colour scheme look for midnight blue and ink colours. Introduce the winter colour scheme by using throws, cushions, and other accessories. When it comes to wall colours, our recommendations largely depend on the home, the natural lighting, the colour scheme of all the original items that need to be blending to create the theme and of course, the owners preference.

2. Pack on the accessories
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This year is about embracing luxe and indulgent detail. Think tactile fabrics and textures, layering with throws, cushions and rugs, mixing wool knits, felts, velvets and furs. Mixing wood with porcelain and marble and adding a woolen rug to hide the floor.  All perfect for that winter warmth feel.

3. Lighting

Think about swapping out all cool white globes for softer warmer lighting. Ensure there is enough task lighting including bedside lamps, floor lamps and wall lights to make each room feel warmer and add ambience. To add to your lighting scheme you can strategically place an appropriately sized mirror to reflect light. This also has the benefit of making a space feel larger.

4. Rugs

Rugs are not only great for setting zones but also soften and warm the look of hard flooring like floorboards and tiles. Not only do rugs add a splash of colour and texture to your room, they can help keep them warm too.

5. Indoor plants
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Including plants in your décor not only makes the room feel more inviting but it also freshens the air when you have to keep the house closed up for the cold weather.


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