5 Tips to Styling A Beautiful Home

How to style a room so it truly shines…

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Styling a room has to be one of the most exciting parts of design! Whether it’s setting everything up for a final client reveal, shooting a space for our portfolio, or getting a shot that’s just right for Instagram, Lionsgate Design truly enjoys every last moment. Check out our top tips on styling a beautiful home!

1. Texture In Every Shot
Lionsgate Design Inc

Whether it’s a bathroom with a towel casually draped across the tub, or a woven basket overflowing with blankets, adding a little fabric in one way or another is a must. It instantly adds a warm and cozy factor, not to mention makes a room feel lived in, which really helps draw the viewer in.

2. Grouping Accessories
Lionsgate Design Inc

When styling bookshelves, coffee tables, or kitchen and bathroom counters we always try to arrange things in groups of three or five. There’s just something about the odd-numbered groupings that is far more pleasing to the eye than those of the even-numbered variety.

3. Greenery Always!
Lionsgate Design Inc

A hint of greenery, whether it’s in the form of a 6′ potted plant or a single blade of glass in a clear glass vase, is the quickest way to add life to both a room and photo. The difference with and without plant life is astounding.

4. Open Doors

Lionsgate Design Inc

Opening doors for shots is the key to getting the perfect photo. Not only does opening a door or a window let natural light flood in, but it also makes that final shot feel significantly more welcoming.

5. Books
Lionsgate Design Inc

When in doubt, just add books. Stack them under a vase for additional height, layer them on a coffee table for a welcoming feel, and load up on them on bookshelves to fill in the gaps. Books are your very best friend.

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