5 Tips: How to Choose Towels

It’s hard to mess up towel shopping…

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With an endless option of towels boasting a variety of features, it’s difficult to know which will live up to their claims. These tips and tricks from Lionsgate Design will have you shopping like a pro.

1. Determine the size
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Towels come in a variety of sizes that you’ll want to consider before your purchase. From smallest to largest: wash towel, hand towel, bath mat, bath towel, and bath sheet.  A standard bath towel or drying off after a shower or bath is 27” x 52”, while a bath sheet is slightly larger at 35” x 60”. A bath sheet offers more coverage, allowing you to fully wrap yourself. If you’re on the hunt for smaller options, hand towels are 16” x 30”, while square wash towels are 13” x 13”. Depending on what you need your towel for – pick appropriately.

2. Check the fibre content
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100% cotton is the softest and most absorbent. Don’t focus too much on premium kinds of cotton like Egyptian and Supima; they’re normally considered top-notch, but didn’t have much of an effect on softness, absorbency, or durability. Another option is a cotton/polyester blend: It’s often less expensive, quick-drying, and more durable.

3. Select combed or ringspun construction
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Towels made with combed cotton means that their fibres are combed to remove shorter threads and debris, leaving the strongest and longest threads to be woven into the bath towel. This process ensures durability and prevents pilling. Ringspun cotton is made with long and short fibres twisted to create a smoother, finer yarn while terry cloth is made with larger thread loops and woven with extra yarn.

4. Consider the weight
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Generally, the higher the weight, the denser the towel and the more absorbent and plush it will be. If you’re needing a towel for the gym or kitchen, you’ll want a 300-400 gram towel because it’s thinner and lighter. A 400-600 GSM is a medium weight which is great for the beach and can also be used as everyday bath towels. Lastly, a 600-900 GSM is dense and absorbent, which makes it feel extra luxurious but requires a bit more drying time.

5. Pick the colour and style

Towels can add the warm, finishing touch to a bathroom, so consider selecting a stack in a fun accent colour or pattern. Another option is to stock your cabinets with colours based on the season (i.e., bright beachy colours in spring/summer, cooler colours in fall/winter). The most classic choice is fluffy white towels, which look timeless and work with any style or setting.

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