5 Tips for Outdoor Dining

Nothing beats an outdoor dining party…

Nothing can beat sipping on a glass of rosé or bubbly at a beautifully designed table surrounded by a village of friends whom you love and cherish. With the cold weather slowly coming to an end, it has us thinking about warmer days ahead. As soon as we’re able to take advantage of stepping outside without our coats, we’ll be planning our outdoor dining parties, so why not plan ahead? Lionsgate Design has put together five tips for your outdoor event.

1. Venue

If you are going to host an ‘outdoor’ dinner party, make sure the outdoors look presentable. It doesn’t have to be fancy either! At a local park, or on a hill overlooking the city, along the beach, or even in your own tree-lined backyard. Look around you and use the outdoor space right accessible to you.

2. Be Interactive

Set up a champagne station or a charcuterie spread, lawn games and good music. Let it be an environment your family and friends want to be a part of.

3. Choose A Colour Palette

This doesn’t mean your decor has to be matchy-matchy. Mix napkin patterns and tablecloth patterns, but make sure it all comes back to that colour palette you started with, cohesive is the key.

4. Place Cards

At larger dinner parties especially, avoid the awkwardness for your guests and have place cards pre-set.

5. Flowers & Greenery

Not too creative when it comes to decorating the table? The solution – you can never go wrong with adding a mix of flowers and greenery. Live plants keep your table looking pretty and fresh.




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