5 Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas: Table Settings and Decor

Thanksgiving decor is just as satisfying as the food…

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Thanksgiving is just a few days away and if you haven’t yet, it’s time to think of a delicious festive menu and beautiful decor to amaze your family and friends. From the colour scheme to what should be put on the table, Lionsgate Design has you covered!

1. Entryway Decor
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First impressions matter, so why not kick off your Thanksgiving entertaining with a striking entryway? Try bringing a little bit of the outdoors in and greeting your guests with a natural, fall-inspired moment. Pick out some greenery to drape around mirrors or paintings. Fill up a traditional basket with fall leaves. Even a small glass bowl or plate of pinecones can help give your home that warm and welcoming vibe.

2. Colour Scheme
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When choosing a colour scheme for your Thanksgiving festivities, think about what kind of mood you’re looking to create. For example, yellows and deep oranges convey a more traditional Thanksgiving vibe, while shades of teal and amber feel modern and elegant. If you are trying to go for a more modern twist, tie in a few metallic accents and infuse calming neutrals to balance out the look.

3. The Table

Centrepiece: A gorgeous centrepiece can uplift the entire dining room and set the overall mood. If you’re a floral person, work seasonal blooms in your hue. Vegetables and succulents are an affordable option that also makes a dramatic statement. Pumpkins, corn husks, and squashes are great conversation pieces. It’s hard to go wrong with your centrepiece, just be creative!

Natural Elements: You can never have too much of the outdoors in your home when it comes to Thanksgiving decor. Set herb plants, such as rosemary or thyme, in clear mason jars around the table. Add branches, logs, and acorns wherever you can!

Fabric: It’s time to turn your attention to the fabrics that will accent the table. Go through the linens, napkins, and tablecloths that you already have. Chances are you don’t have to spend money on new fabrics. Sometimes the only fabric you need for a Thanksgiving tablescape are your napkins, especially if you’re leaning towards a farmhouse vibe.

Napkin Rings: For an earthy feel, wrap your napkins in string and tuck a sprig of greenery in. The greenery can be anything from collected leaves to fresh herbs. Cinnamon sticks look pretty peeking out of a well-folded napkin and infuse the room with warmth. Another idea is a beautifully written greeting or quotes incorporated into the napkin ring.

4. The Food
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The turkey is undoubtedly the star of the show, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t feature other meats or go vegetarian altogether. Serve what makes you happy and remember, not all of the food has to be served. There are plenty of foods, particularly fruits and vegetables, that can be used as decor items. Different coloured dried corn, white pumpkins, etc.

5. The Drinks
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Now that your menu is set, it’s time to pick what drinks you’ll be offering. A wine that balances your Thanksgiving meal staples, a heart fall beer, a signature cocktail, or even a mocktail variation of your signature drink for the non-drinkers and kids! Festive drinks are a fun and yummy addition to any holiday menu. Sparkling apple cider sangria, hot spiced apple cider,  pumpkin white hot chocolate, the choices are endless.

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