5 Summer Outdoor Decor Must Haves

Because any outdoor space is better than none.

Note: All pictures used are from Lionsgate Design’s portfolio. For more pictures on the project featured, please click here

Summer is all about relaxing and getting outside to enjoy the sunshine. Having a backyard to escape to is another area of our home that we should take advantage of. Whether it is a barbecue party or a simple family get together your outdoor works like a perfect venue for all. Lionsgate Design has put together 5 decor tips that your backyard needs. 

1. Create zones

Home on the Water

Split up your outdoor space into zones for different functions such as eating, entertaining, and relaxing. If you have a large enough space to do this — why not take advantage? In this backyard decorated by Lionsgate Design, you’ll find an area to lounge by the pool, to have a drink by the lake, to have a sit-down dinner, and to simply sit back and relax. 

2. Lighting 

If you plan on using your backyard for entertaining purposes, you should consider lighting. Easily illuminate your entire lawn with string lights, pathway lights, lanterns, candles, solar, LED, and more. You can be creative with it or visit your nearest home improvement store for help. 

3. Transition the indoors to outdoors

Let your personal style spread to your outdoor space. You want your outdoor space to feel as luxe and comfortable as your indoor space. A balanced combination of wood, ceramic, glass, or metal, will give an outdoor space a natural, collected feel. In the picture above, you will find lamps placed in a seating area — this helps to create an environment your guests will love.

4. Get growing
Home on the Water

There’s nothing better than embracing the outdoors by getting your gardening on. Nothing screams summer like newly planted flowers to brighten up your space. This will also help to add colour to the area. 

5. Colour palette
Home on the Water

Pull off a polished look by keeping a monochromatic palette like a beautiful blue with mixed whites and earthy tones. This will keep you from overdoing it. 

Looking to decorate your outdoor space but need help? The team at Lionsgate Design would love to assist you. Call our studio now to get more information and schedule an appointment with a designer.

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