5 Simple Summer Decor Trends

Simple tips for adding summer decor to your home…

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Summer is all about soaking in rays of sunshine, eating BBQ food and enjoying an evening in your backyard. Without flipping your house upside down, you can bring summer into your home too. Yes, you’ll want to change out any heavy draperies for sheers or change out dark throw pillows for pretty florals, but you don’t have to change it all. Check out our 7 simple tips for adding summer decor to your space.

1. Natural light
The Lily Pad Cottage

Although natural light isn’t a piece of decor that you can go out and buy doesn’t mean you can’t fully take advantage of it! During the Summer months, the sun rises early and sets later in the evenings which offers a lot of time to enjoy the stream of natural light that pours in through each window. Make sure you are decorating in a way to make the most of the natural light. One way to do this is to choose window treatments that encourage light to pour into the room.

2. Simple and functional
The Lifestyled

During the summer it’s great to get rid of the clutter and strip your decor down to the basics. Free up your space by putting away anything that doesn’t serve a purpose. This provides you with some extra room and more importantly, a peaceful place to relax. Sometimes less really is more!

3. Textiles
The Lily Pad Cottage

Styling your home using different textiles can give your space an easy, breezy vibe while keeping it interesting. Think light knits for those early summer nights, wicker baskets that house your favourite plants, or a fun rug to completely change the feel of a room.

4. Fresh cut flowers and greenery
So Much Better With Age

Whether you go faux or you get some real plants, adding greenery and flowers instantly gives summer vibes in a home. Both add freshness and colour instantly to a space. Nothing says summer like some fresh flowers or greens! Check out our “The Perfect Houseplant for Every Room of the House” for a plant guide.

5. Summer pillows
So Much Better With Age

Adding some new throw pillows is an easy way to make a room feel new and fresh. You can either change your pillows seasonally or buy pillow covers.






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