5 Steps To Creating A Sacred Space In Your Home

We all need a sacred space…

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Life can sometimes be stressful: Family obligations, work, and the basic demands of daily living can often drain our valuable energy. While many of us find it helpful to step outside of our routine and relax by doing things such as taking a walk or gardening, others may prefer an isolated spot in their homes to kick back. A fun, creative project is setting up a sacred space in your home. This easy-to-access space will be your personal sanctuary; a place where you can pray, meditate or just be.

1. Decide what sacred means to you
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Figuring out what function this space will serve is the first step. Will you be using this space for yoga, meditation, or to read? Pick what it means to you in order to begin the process of decorating.

2. Dedicate a spot in your home that can become sacred
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Your new sacred spot doesn’t have to take up a lot of room. It can be a corner of a room, the top of a dresser, or any other space you can find.

3. Find a surface

In your chosen space, place a table or shelf to hold items that are special to you. If you don’t have one, any surface will do. A dresser, side table, or even a window sill.

4. Get something comfortable 

If your sacred space is in your bedroom, maybe you’d want to add a comfortable lounge chair in the corner, or you can use your bed for seating. Its suggested that you get a meditation cushion or pillow. The closer you are to the floor, the more grounded you will feel.

5. Decorate 

Place items that you find beautiful or love on your table such as things you collected on a walk in nature, inspirational quotes, photographs, crystals, or fresh flowers. If this sacred space is in a brand new room, play around with furnishings, art, and rugs to make the room feel more comfortable.

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