5 Reasons You Should Be Decorating with White

Kendall Simmons

Here at Lionsgate Design Inc., we have at least two favourite white paints from Benjamin Moore tucked in our back pocket. These are our go-to’s and with good reason. White is as timeless as can be and provides a stunning backdrop, no matter your style. Today we’re sharing five reasons why you should most certainly be decorating with white.

1. Amplifies natural light
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White amplifies the amount of natural light in your room. White, specifically white paint, multiplies natural light exponentially. If your home is feeling a little dim or dreary, break out the white paint and get busy lightening up! White drapery can have a similar effect, by making your windows feel larger and more open.

2. Accentuates artwork
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White creates the perfect backdrop to accentuate your artwork. Hanging your art on a crisp white wall brings out the best in it, no matter what the medium. Whether it’s a black and white photograph or a vibrant painting, help it look it’s best by surrounding it with a simple clean neutral. After all, there’s a reason why art gallery walls are always painted white!

3. Higher ceilings

White makes your ceilings look higher. White walls, white ceiling and white molding blend together into an optical illusion that creates visual height and volume.

4. Brighter objects
Kendall Simmons

White makes your brights look brighter. The attributes of colourful pieces of furniture or objects are amplified when set inside a white box. Because of this effect, you can make fewer grander statements with colour and still get maximum impact.

5. Sparks your mood
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White makes you feel better. While this may sound a little silly, there are psychological benefits to the colour white. It helps your home feel refreshing, clean, and quiet. And who wouldn’t want that?

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