5 Must-Haves Your Entryway Needs

You need these in your entryway…

Photo Credit: Lionsgate Design “Georgian Manor” 

Some will say that first impressions are everything. Well, when you invite a guest over, the first room that they’re going to see is your entryway. Aside from incorporating your sense of style into this space – your entryway should be functional and clean. It’s the first room we enter when we come home, and the last room that we’re in before we leave. Continue reading to discover the five entryway must-haves.

1. Mirror

There’s no better place for a mirror than in your entryway. It can open up your space by making it feel larger, it can reflect natural light and make your room feel brighter, and it’s perfectly placed for when you need to take that last glance at yourself before heading out the door.

Photo Credit: Lionsgate Design “Classic Drive

2. Seating

If it’s a place to put your shoes on or beautifully place storage under, I promise that seating is a functional addition to your space. Another important purpose that seating can offer is texture. Most people like to keep their entryway’s neutral – a bench can help with adding some personality to the room. 

3. Multifunctional Furniture

When we say multifunctional furniture – we’re specifically talking about a console table. This is your chance to add a touch of your character by displaying your favourite books, prints or personal touches. The console table also doubles as a spot to place a bowl for your keys and mail. 

4. ‘WOW’ Fixtures

If you’re going to make a grand entrance – we say go all out. In this beautiful foyer from Lionsgate Design’s “Sparkling Gem” project, the chandelier instantly catches your attention.

5. Something your guests will remember

You can go big and install patterned floors or go the simpler route and purchase a patterned rug. Patterned floors will add subtle interest to the space without being too distracting and a bold rug creates a warm welcome. Either way – your guests will notice them!

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