5 Design Details That Make A Big Difference

Design is all in the details…

Lionsgate Design

Lionsgate Design Inc would like to focus on the five design details that shouldn’t be overlooked. Whether you’re in the middle of a renovation, or simply gathering inspiration on Pinterest for your future space, these tips should be on your mind. You would be surprised at how making the following small changes can instantly transform your home. Check it out!

1. Door Hardware
Room for Tuesday

This is the first thing your guests are looking at when they’re waiting for you to answer the door! Unique hardware is the perfect way to add another layer of detail to your home.

2. Curtains Hung Properly
Jacquelyn Clark

Curtains should be hung as high, and as wide, as your room allows. It is the quickest way to make your space, and windows, feel bigger and brighter, and is an absolute game changer the moment they’re hung. If space allows, you want to have at least 8″ of rod and curtain past your window casing, and they should be mounted as high as your ceilings (and crown molding) allows.

3. Exquisite Lighting

We are talking more about light bulbs and less about fixtures these days. Lighting is one of those things that should never be overlooked, and nothing ruins a space more than an overly yellow, or overly blue bulb.

4. Yellowed Outlets
Jacquelyn Clark

Switching out those old, cracked, yellowed covers for those that are light, bright, and clean, truly make all the difference in the world.

5. Area Rugs
Mcgee & Co

Rugs are a game changer. The moment an area rug goes down is the very instant that a house feels like a home. Area rugs help ground and define each space.

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