5 Decorating Ideas for your Children’s Bedroom

Decorating your children’s space should be fun..

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Childhood is so fleeting – before you know it, your child will be grown and gone. Make the most of those precious childhood years while you still have them, and don’t sweat the small stuff. Have fun decorating your children’s bedroom, and make sure to let them have a say on the colors, theme and furnishings. Here are five tips to keep in mind when transforming your child’s space.

1. Keep things at their height

The trick to an organized children’s room is to keep all of the storage items at their height. Open shelves, bins and baskets will all be used more often if kids can get to them easily. Following this tip not only keeps the room organized but also helps with reaching toys on their own. Needing your assistance to grab that book from high up will no longer be a request.

2. Don’t forget wall decals
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If you’re renting and can’t paint – using decals is a perfect way to decorate the walls. Even if you own your home, your child will eventually grow older and will most likely want to replace or remove the existing touches – and decals makes it easy to do so. You can find wall decals in just about any theme imaginable.

3. Can’t go wrong with bunk beds
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If you have a small room, if your kids are sharing a room, or if you’re simply looking for more space, bunk beds are the perfect solution. Maximize your space and purchase a one bunk bed and place your child’s necessities underneath. The placement of a bunk bed in the room will provide your kid with more space to play.

4. Children’s closet
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Bring your kid’s closet down to their level by using low hanging rods that allow them access the hangers and shelves. This way they can easily reach their socks, underwear and accessories. If necessary, label each drawer to make it easier for your child to remember what goes where. Provide a small footstool so they can reach items on shelves without it being a hassle.

5. Follow their interests
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Most kids have a passion for something: fairies, cars, the colour pink, or a popular super hero. Work your child’s favourite subject into the bedroom’s theme. This doesn’t have to be difficult – a few wall decals and a comforter are enough to successfully add their interest into the room.

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