5 Top Bedroom Trends for 2018

Bedroom trends you need to know about…


When it comes to your bedroom’s décor, the best trend is always to do what you love best. But sometimes, a little bit of inspiration helps. If you are thinking of updating your bedroom and looking for ideas, it’s always fun to see what decorators declare is the latest and greatest. The good news is that current trends are very livable, with nothing too extreme or fussy. Here are the five trends of 2018 to keep in mind when giving your bedroom a makeover.


1. Wellness in the bedroom

Salt Lamp Wellness

Wellness for the home has emerged as a standout trend that focuses not just on what we buy, but how to curate a happier and more mindful space. For a soothing bedroom that promotes relaxation and recalibration, decorate in soothing shades of lilac and grey, plump for tactile fabrics. Introduce sleep-promoting scents like lavender and a Himalayan salt lamp to purify the air.

2. Textures and materials

Textured Wood Bedroom

Conservative design with modern clean lines is currently defining the contemporary bedroom furniture market this 2018. So much can be achieved by simply playing with textures and materials. Whether it be highly tactile, textured handles for depth and character or combinations of Grey Oak and Blonde woods, don’t underestimate the power of embracing and combining different textures.

3. Lower or nonexistent headboards

Non Existent Headboard

In the last few years, headboards attached to the bed were a rage. However, today, people start asking themselves if headboards are really necessary or whether they make the space look more cluttered. So, in 2018, do away with the headboard, and instead, decorate the wall at the head of the bed with interesting paintings and other wall art.

4. Original bedside tables

Original Headboard

Bedside tables are of immense importance. This is where to keep everything you might want to reach while in bed, from your books to your smartphone, water and even watch. Everything serves as a side table beside the bed to give a casual and fun touch to your bedroom and get away from the classic matching tables of a lifetime. So if you have a quirky chair or a piece of wood that you can turn into a swing, it could be the perfect bedside table.

5. Incorporating velvet

Velvet Chair

The latest trend decoration bedrooms 2017-2018 is the velvet. A material that takes strength in the new season. We are going to see a lot in the coming months and therefore it is necessary to think about how to introduce it in your home. The simplest way? Get yourself a velvet ‘corner’ chair or some nice velvet cushions to give the final touch to your bed.


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