4 Ways to Style Your Bed

When it comes to textiles in a bedroom, there are so many different combinations! That being said, we do have a few favourites. Today we’re sharing four different combinations that will keep your bedroom feeling pulled together and fresh!


In decorating terms, “traditional” refers to style that is firmly anchored in the past, but it does not have to mean boring, dated, fussy, or a roomful of antiques. Instead, traditional style embraces classic design, symmetrical placing of furnishings, rich colour schemes, and a comfortable, yet slightly formal, vibe.



While an eclectic decorating style DOES encompass a certain lack of rules and “anything goes” vibe, when done right, it also maintains control by following general guidelines and most of all, using colour, shape, texture or style to tie the whole look into a harmonious setting.




Fabrics in a traditional room are generally neither too shiny nor too textured. Florals, plain colors, muted plaids, understated stripes, geometrics, tone-on-tone and small all-over patterns are common. Colour is often in a mid-range of tones, though very dark and very light colors can also be used.




We spend about a third of our lives sleeping. When you spend this much time in bed it’s worth your while to make it as comfortable as possible. Layering a bed adds comfort and helps define the style of the bedroom. Shams, Pillows, Sheets, Duvets, Throw Cushions, Throws, and Coverlets.



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