3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Space at Home

If your personal space is feeling cramped, you’re not alone. Especially if you have kids you’re homeschooling, or a partner that’s working from home, it can really feel like there’s nowhere left to hide for some peace and quiet.

Fortunately, altering your space for the times is quick and easy. Try these ideas and you’ll find yourself loving your home more than ever!

1. Create boundaries for work-life balance

Feel like your work is spilling into your personal life? Create some boundaries by converting a guest room into an office. Here’s your chance to create a space where you can work undisturbed. Don’t have a guest room? No problem! You can still create a work space in a corner of your kitchen, or even your closet, stowing away out of season clothes to free up those shelves for your files and paperwork. All you need is a small desk, comfortable chair and a piece of art to make for the perfect videoconferencing back drop. Who needs a corner office when you’ve got all the conveniences of home!

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2. Lose it if you are not using it

With company out of the way, you can store unnecessary furniture, creating more space at home. Extra chairs and coffee tables can be taken away, to open up more floor space for movement, or even to create a new reading or lounging nook! Not only does clearing out the clutter make your space feel bigger, but it’s also great for helping us feel less cluttered in our minds too! Serenity now.


3. Find a fresh purpose for your rooms

With more time on your hands, here’s the perfect chance to find new purpose for your spaces, and fulfilment for yourself. Whether it’s a home gym you desire, a yoga studio or a meditation room, creating the space of your dreams is just a few steps away! First, find the space that calls to you best—preferably by a window that offers natural light. Stow or move whatever furniture you can, to create space for you to do your thing. Then light a scented candle or some incense sticks if you have them to set the mood

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