3 Ways to Decorate Around a Television

Televisions make a huge difference when it comes to our decor…

Lionsgate Design

Your television is most likely the focal point in your living room so it goes without saying that the decor around it should be put together strategically. When you Google how to decorate around the TV, you’ll get floods of posts on gallery walls and gallery walls only. While Lionsgate Design Inc. included that as one of our tips, we have three different options for you to see what style best suits your home.

1. The Gallery Wall
Driven By Decor

Essentially, the mission here is to make your beautiful new television work for you. I love the idea of surrounding it with a gallery wall, filled with some of your very favourite photos and mementos. This solution really makes for a visually interesting  focal point, and I love that it can make your family room feel that much more personal.

2. The Camouflage Effect

I see this solution done frequently, and I think it’s a genius idea. The concept here is to paint the wall behind your television in a dark colour so that there’s a lot less of a contrast, which makes the whole vignette feel seamless. I like taking it up a notch by hanging a few pieces of simple art above to draw your eye up when your TV is not in use.

3. The Disguised TV
Pure Wow

This is one of my favourites and if you are on the market for a new TV this is worth the investment.   Instead of having the TV be the main focal point, disguise it as a gorgeous piece of art.

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